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Important Clean Up Dates

First Monday in March, weather permitting, or first day when ground is thawed so wreath stands can be removed. If you wish to keep your winter decorations, please remove them by the fist Sunday in March as clean-up begins by 8:00am on Monday. Everything, except solar lights will be removed and discarded.

The Monday following Memorial Day is our Memorial Day clean-up. The clean-up begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning and includes all items not in permanent vases, except for solar lights. Items in the permanent vases will remain to beautify our gardens until fall clean-up. If you wish to keep your spring decorations NOT in permanent vases, please pick them up by the Sunday prior to clean-up.

First Monday in October. All decorations will be removed and discarded. All permanent vases will be put into the ground for the winter. Reminder: No vase use is permitted during the winter

Please email with your current email address if you wish to receive email notification of clean-up days and special events at HMG.

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