Whether you are famous and known world-wide or a regular citizen, everyone deserves to be remembered in a special way.

What is the first thing your family and friends think of when they think of you? Are you a loving parent or grandparent, a religious person, a teacher, a musician, an animal lover, a racing fan, old car lover, a gardener, or a truck driver?

Is there a special message you want to send to future generations? A favorite phrase or saying by which you are known?

Personalized memorials allow future generations to know about you . . . not just that you existed, but the contribution you made to this world, whether great or small. A bronze-on-granite memorial placed here at Highland Memory Gardens is a lasting tribute to the loved one who has been placed in our care.

Memorials may be designed to “match” those of family members whose memorials have already been placed in our gardens. This may be done in different ways:

  1. Exact match. We have records of all of the memorials in our gardens. We can usually duplicate the size and design of your loved ones’ memorial, if that is your desire.
  1. Similar match. You may prefer to have the same size, bronze and/or granite color as your family members. Choosing the same size or color of the memorial will give a sense of uniformity to your family plot, yet still allow the you personalization which will make your memorial unique!

The design of a personalized memorial will involve several decisions:

  1. Size – for individual or companion (more than one name)
  2. Border – Floral, scenic, simple, geometric, etc.
  3. Color of bronze and granite
  4. Emblems – you are entitled to three emblems which depict your interests and/or hobbies: such as: animals, music, religious, cars, military emblems, etc.
  5. Words of Endearment – in most cases you are entitled to six words (free of charge) of endearment: ie: “loving wife, mom and grandma”, “gone but not forgotten”, “always in our hearts”. Choose from our list of suggestions or be creative . . . the choice is yours.

The possibilities are endless. Our Family Services Representative will work with you and design your memorial electronically so you will see exactly how your memorial will look before it is cast in bronze!