Do you want to be buried in a casket or cremated? Do you prefer in-ground burial or above-ground cremation inurnment? A permanent resting place is important, regardless of your choice of casket or cremation. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Family and friends have a special place to visit and remember.
  • Highland Memory Gardens offers a neutral location where friends and family can visit without anyone’s permission or knowledge.
  • You may visit at any time – from dawn to dusk – 365 days per year.
  • Highland Memory Gardens offers a permanent record of your loved one’s life on our website with their name, obituary and a place where you may share memories.
  • Everyone deserves the respect of our peaceful surroundings.
  • Every life has value; at Highland Memory Gardens no one is forgotten.

Casket Burial

In-ground casket burials have been the cornerstone of Highland Memory Gardens for 90 years. We continue that tradition with burials in our beautiful park-like setting. Should you choose casket burial, rest assured that there is plenty of space available in all of our 18 adult gardens. However, some of our gardens have fewer spaces available for purchase than others. If you have family members buried here at HMG or wish to be near a specific area, please let us know and we will supply a map showing available spaces, often within a 30-ft radius of your loved ones’ grave.

The Companion Garden offers an economical option for two casket burials. This garden is equipped with two lawn-crypts in one space, one on top of the other, which enables two casket burials to take place in one space. Sold as a “package”, you get one space, two interments and a bronze-on-granite memorial at a special price.

Cremation Burial

With the increased popularity of cremation burials, Highland Memory Gardens offers several options for families who select cremation for themselves or a loved one.

Any of our adult gardens will accommodate the burial of cremated remains. We allow two cremated remains to be buried in one adult space. Smaller cremation-only spaces are available in Reverence and Prayer Gardens.

Prayer, Faith and Reverence Gardens offer 10-foot spaces which allow for both a casket burial and a cremation burial in one space. Intentions of more than one person to be interred within one space, whether one casket/one cremation or two cremations burials, must be designated at the time of purchase.

The Serenity Garden is specifically designed for in-ground cremation burials. Our purchase options include everything necessary for one or two cremation burials per space. Due to the size of the spaces, no Veterans Memorials are allowed in this garden.

Our Crucifixion Columbaria are granite structures designed for the above-ground memorials for cremated remains. Placing cremains in a Columbarium is called “Inurnment”, and the space where the cremains are placed is called a “Niche”. HMG offers individual niches and companion niches for two cremains. Purchases made in this garden’s package include the niche, one or two opening/closings, a name plate and a bud vase for flowers.