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Saturday, September 28, 2019

At Highland Memory Gardens Cemetery it is Our Vision...

To be responsible stewards of these
consecrated gardens — by conducting
all business with honesty and integrity,
providing the utmost of quality and
value, and being ever mindful of our
obligation to provide all lot owners
with perpetual care and improvement
of this cemetery.

The Cemeterian's Creed

I assist people with something that they really don't want, but they need, and cannot do without, as it brings them solace and comfort. Families invest their futures with me. I provide for eternity that one single place that offers comfort and peace. I am the caretaker of a sacred place, a place they come to for reflection and prayer. They are counting on me. I keep families together forever and ever. I am the necessary link joining their "here" and "hereafter."

Yes, my work is meaningful. In the most singular sad event of their life — my service is critical to them. They have placed their trust in me. I am your cemeterian.

Author unknown