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Cremation Burial Options

HMG offers several options for families who select cremation for themselves or a loved one.

Serenity Garden

The Serenity Garden is specifically designed for in- ground cremation burials. Our purchase options include everything necessary for one or two cremation burials per space. Due to the size of the spaces no companion Veteran's Memorials are allowed in this garden.


Our newest columbarium, located in the Crucifixion Garden east of the Tower of Memories, is the rectangular granite structure with the five foot cross on top. Placing cremains in a Columbarium is called "Inurnment", and the space where the cremains are placed is called a niche. We have designated niches which will accommodate two cremains and also niches for an individual.

Adult Gardens

Any of our adult gardens will accommodate the burial of cremated remains. We allow two cremated remains to be buried in one adult space. In Reverence and Prayer gardens there are designated cremation burial spaces which are smaller than our adult spaces. Please refer to our "Second Right of Interment" rules and regulations for more specific information if needed.

Several of our gardens have spaces which will allow for both a traditional burial and a cremation burial in the same space. Intentions for this type of burial arrangement must be designated at time of purchase.